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"Savannah Gilbo is a force—she is super organized and meticulous. Her enthusiasm for story is unrivaled, and if you write in the fantasy or sci-fi genre, she will only make your work better. Savannah found things in my story, weaknesses and strengths I was unable to see on my own, and I trust her implicitly. She is professional and kind and I'm lucky to now call her a friend."



"Savannah's professional advice has shortened my drafting process from years (or never) to a 6-9 month schedule that I can repeat for subsequent stories, and has demystified so many things about writing and publishing that I would not have discovered any other way. I've also read many books on writing, none of which came close to being as useful as her programs and editorial review process. For anyone serious about publishing a quality manuscript, I can't recommend Savannah's services enough." 



"I highly recommend Savannah. She has valuable insight into what makes a story work and how to keep a reader hooked. She's also lovely to work with, sensitive to the type of critique you can handle, and is never, ever judgemental. She wants you to succeed as much as you want to succeed and will cheer you on all the way." 


"As a result of Savannah’s stellar coaching, I landed a book contract with Avon/HarperCollins!"

"Savannah is a great coach! She has an amazing sense of story, and it shows in the way she coaches writers. My favorite part of working with Savannah was the weekly call where I could discuss my work and brainstorm any necessary changes or tweaks to my current draft. I recommend working with a book coach because it’s a great way to learn the craft of storytelling quickly without having to spend years toiling at it alone. As a result of Savannah’s stellar coaching, I landed a book contract with Avon/HarperCollins!"

–Preslaysa Williams 
Book Coaching Client 

"With Savannah’s help, I was able to finish a draft and have fun with my writing again."

"Savannah helped me to finally finish a novel that I had been working on for five years–I can’t believe it! I started writing this story multiple times but could never get past the first couple of chapters. I was constantly feeling overwhelmed, near tears, and frustrated with my lack of progress. With Savannah’s help, I was able to finish a draft and have fun with my writing again. I’m so grateful to have worked with her and would definitely recommend getting Savannah’s help if you’re feeling frustrated or having trouble making progress on your draft!

–Melanie Walker
Book Coaching Client

If writing a novel feels overwhelming, listen up…

Every journey starts with one step. If the questions “who am I to write a book?” or “where do I even start?” are coming up for you, know that they came up for every single successful author you see on this page.

Whether you’ve never written a book before, you have no idea what your story would be about, or you don't have all the pieces figured out—we ALL start somewhere. What matters most is your willingness to put one foot in front of the other.

Each one of these writers started with one thing: THE COURAGE TO GIVE IT A TRY

Are you ready to do the same?


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