Book Coaching

Guidance, feedback, and support on your story as you write it -- so that you don't waste your words or your time.


Maybe you can relate to some of these statements…

  • You want to write a book, but you don’t know where to start—so you haven’t. You have an idea, some notes, maybe even a basic story outline, but you don’t know what to do with all of it. 
  • You’re suffering from self-doubt wondering things like—Am I even good enough to write a book? Am I smart enough? What if I just don’t have what it takes? 
  • You’ve taken classes, read books, listened to podcasts, and gone to conferences, but you still don’t know how to write a book. Honestly, the whole thing just feels overwhelming now. 
  • You’re feeling creatively stuck and you don’t know how to move forward. Something is holding you back from taking real action, but you don’t know what or why. 
  • You worry that even if you do write a book, nobody will like it. And if that’s the case, why should you even waste your time writing it?

It doesn't have to be that way. Just imagine...

  • Having a clear and comprehensive road map to follow so that you don’t have to wonder what to do next.  

  • Getting personalized feedback on your writing so you’ll know exactly what you need to do to make it better. 

  • Having someone to brainstorm and problem solve with as you write so that you're never going at it alone.

  • Feeling confident and inspired when you write instead of overwhelmed, confused, and full of doubt. 

  • Having a finished draft that’s a reality—not just something on your vision board that feels out of reach.


A Book Coach can help you master the fundamental principles and essential storytelling skills, that when developed and used properly, make writing a novel so much easier.

How does Book Coaching work?

#1 - Guidance and accountability in the form of weekly deadlines and so that you stay focused and on track.

Weekly deadlines will help you develop a solid writing practice that you can use to bring any story into the world. I'll teach you my step-by-step book writing process so that you can focus on writing instead of worrying about what to do next.

#2. Specific and actionable feedback each week so that you can improve your story as you write forward.

Each week, you'll get feedback on your writing, so that you'll know what you're already doing well and what could use some improvement. That means you won't waste years of your life writing a story that doesn’t work.

#3 - Friendly and empathetic support from someone who knows what it takes to write a story that works.

No more sitting in a room by yourself wondering whether your writing is even any good. I'll be there to support you so that you can spend less time doubting yourself and more time writing--and finishing--your book.

The result? You’ll learn how to write a story that works AND how to deliver on your reader’s expectations–without all the years of trial and error and frustration.

Your Investment:

Pricing is based on the number of pages you submit each week PLUS the amount of support you need. Please read through each plan carefully and choose the option that works best for you.




Billed monthly

Up to 10 pages per week

Feedback on your pages via e-mail and Microsoft Track Changes

Unlimited e-mail support in-between deadlines

A 1-hr call each week to discuss my feedback and next steps

A recording of our call for you to keep forever





Billed monthly

Up to 20 pages per week

Feedback on your pages via e-mail and Microsoft Track Changes

Unlimited e-mail support in-between deadlines

A 1-hr call each week to discuss my feedback and next steps

A recording of our call for you to keep forever


Real writers. Real results.

"Knowing that I had a standing call with Savannah each week was the most helpful part of this whole process. Not only have I finished my first draft, but I also feel confident in revising my story because of Savannah’s next steps road map."

—Ken Travers (Science Fiction Writer)

"Savannah is extremely knowledgeable and her coaching helped me tremendously, not only with my current novel, but also writing in general. She is truly a master of her craft. Her counsel was well worth the money."

—Jason Fielding (Fantasy Writer)

"Savannah helped me to finally finish a novel that I had been working on for five years–I can’t believe it! I started writing this story multiple times but could never get past the first couple of chapters. I was constantly feeling overwhelmed, near tears, and frustrated with my lack of progress. With Savannah’s help, I was able to finish a draft and have fun with my writing again. I’m so grateful to have worked with her and would definitely recommend getting Savannah’s if you’re feeling frustrated or having trouble making progress on your draft!"

—Melanie Walker (YA Fantasy Writer)

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course we can! Feel free to send me an email with your question to talk about your story, your writing goals, and how I can help!

The "pro" package that includes the weekly phone calls (at $1199/month) is the most popular package. 

If you can't decide between the two packages, consider how many words or pages per week you can realistically submit and whether or not you think a weekly phone call to discuss the feedback would be helpful. The "pro" package allows you to submit up to 20 pages (or 5,000 words) per week while the "basic" package allows you to submit up to 10 pages (or 2,500 words per week).

If you're still not sure, feel free to send me an email. We can discuss both options and I can help you decide which package is right for you!

Yes, I only work with fiction writers. My favorite genres to work in are fantasy, science fiction, romance, thrillers, horror, action, and mysteriesI love working on stories for both adult and young adult audiences but will sometimes take on middle grade projects as wellIf you are looking for a non-fiction editor, feel free to send me an email and I'll happily send some suggestions your way!

Yes, definitely! If you already have a finished draft, you might want to start with a Manuscript Evaluation so that you’ll know what's working (or not working) in your current draft. If you know that your story is pretty broken and that it needs a complete over haul, then I would recommend starting with book coaching.

The Story Grid is an editing method created by Shawn Coyne during his 25+ years of editing manuscripts in the "Big 5" publishing housesIt’s a way to evaluate the structure of a story, identify the strengths and weaknesses, and give the writer the next steps to make their story better.

Being a Certified Story Grid Editor means that I was personally trained by Shawn Coyne in this method (a method he still uses with his A-list clients today!). That also means I had to take multiple different tests to prove that I know:
  • how stories work and what it takes to write a book that satisfies readers. 

  • how to give feedback in a constructive and compassionate way.

  • how to help writers improve their work–whether they have an idea, partial draft, or finished draft. 

To learn more about The Story Grid method, visit Shawn Coyne's website here.

Absolutely! Check out The Story Grid website for in-depth articles on how to edit your own manuscript. You can also purchase the Story Grid book if you like taking notes or having a physical book in hand to learn from. Do you like podcasts? Check out The Story Grid podcast where Shawn Coyne coaches Tim Grahl through the writing and editing process. Each week, they discuss a different topic using Tim’s own work-in-progress as a teaching tool. No matter how you like to consume content, you'll learn SO much about writing and editing from The Story Grid!

Yes! Some clients feel more comfortable expressing themselves in writing versus talking on the phone. Some clients say that communicating over e-mail gives them more time to process feedback and to think about what they want to say or ask. Other times, email is the most convenient way to connect for those with busy schedules or for people who live outside the United States. If you don't want to do the 1-hour phone call, we can discuss my feedback and your next steps via email instead.

No problem! Send me an email with your question to talk about your story, your writing goals, and how I can help!


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