What people are saying about Savannah


“Calling all pantsers out there – get Savannah Gilbo in your life, now! I write novels; it is my calling, my passion. Unlike most new authors, I have zero issues finishing drafts, no shortage of ideas and a bottomless well of motivation. So, what’s the problem? My novels don’t work. I couldn’t say why, and my Beta readers gave vague and useless advice. I did not know how to get from where I was to a professional, finished product. Then someone introduced me to Savannah.

Savannah understands the craft of storytelling. She was able to show me a clear path to adding structure to my work, without hamstringing my free-writing style. Savannah’s expert help saved my first novel, the project most dear to my heart, and for that, I will be eternally grateful. Working with Savannah is a gift that keeps on giving. The lessons I have learned in our collaboration are sure to save me hundreds of hours on future projects.

Trust me, don’t waste time wallowing in uncertainty about what is wrong with your writing. If your left leg stops working, you take a trip to the doctor.  Don’t limp through your writing career hoping it will get better on its own. It won’t. Save yourself years of painful trial and error and get your novel the professional help it needs. Hire Savannah today!”

-Kent Shawn

“Structuring a novel is perhaps the most difficult and rewarding thing you can do for yourself as a writer. As both an outliner and a pants-er, I understand both the desire to let your fingers run wildly over the keys and have a solid structure for a great story in mind. In my experience, it’s worked best for me to completely pants my first drafts, then go back and tackle that mess with an outline.

The problem then became educating myself on the basics of story structure. You’ll find dozens of online resources educating you on common structures like the Three Act Structure or the Hero’s Journey, but no one is willing to help you along that process with your own manuscript when you reach hiccups or have questions. When I first spoke with Savannah about reading through my manuscript, she hadn’t yet become a Story Grid Certified Editor, but by the time I sent my (what I viewed as) polished draft to her, she’d taken on that role, and I’m very thankful for it.

Savannah was able to help guide me through a manuscript that had seen a couple rounds of revisions and outlines. The thing that was most helpful to me about this experience? Having someone to answer my questions and bounce ideas off of. I’m an artist in the sense that I don’t want to sacrifice creativity for the sake of structure, but with Savannah’s help, I was able to understand that good story-telling is non-negotiable and requires creativity. One will not exist without the other.

So for all of those out there who’ve familiarized themselves with outlines, story structure, and the craft of the novel in general who might think they don’t need the help of a professional — think again. Savannah is intelligent, kind, and firm in her educated judgments. She can help you see the holes in your story and tell you, factually, what needs to be done. The rest (creativity) is up to you. Savannah has been great to work with, and I definitely recommend her services.”

– Katie Rivera