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I’m Savannah, and stories are my passion.

As a certified Story Grid editor, I help writers sharpen their skills, strengthen their craft and write better stories.

Through blog posts, editing, book coaching, free resources, and more, I teach writers how to build a strong foundation for their stories, come up with solid story ideas, and how to tap into their own creativity to become their best writer-selves.

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Current projects:

I’m currently working on The Story Grid Edition of Harry Potter & the Sorcerer’s Stone due out in late 2018.

I’ll be using the Story Grid tools and methodology to explore how and why this story “works”.

After summarizing each chapter, I’ll include an analysis on how J.K. Rowling:

  • Delivers on the obligatory scenes and conventions of the Action Story genre, as well as the Worldview Maturation genre.
  • Used the five commandments of storytelling in each and every scene of her novel.
  • Takes Harry on the Hero’s Journey.
  • Hides clues and secrets along the way.

This will be a great tool for writers, or editors, who want to learn what makes a story “work” on the micro, scene-by-scene level, as well as the macro, global story level.


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