Notes to Novel

The A-Z blueprint for writing a story that works without the doubt, frustration, and overwhelm that stops most writers in their tracks.


In this course, I'll teach you:

  • How to identify your story's global genre so that you'll be able to write a story that works AND deliver the key scenes and conventions that readers will be expecting from a story like yours.

  • How to craft a cast of three-dimensional characters that readers will love (or love to hate) AND how to develop a believable world for them to live in (whether your story takes place in the real world or not).

  • How to create a flexible outline for your story so that you won't waste your words or spend and endless amount of time writing a story that's going nowhere (or that isn't properly developed).

  • How to uncover the theme of your story AND how to weave this special message throughout your story so that your first draft feels like a cohesive story.

  • How to write a scene that works AND what to do with backstory and exposition to avoid info-dumping.

  • and SO MUCH MORE...

See what other writers have said...

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"Thanks to Savannah, I went from having a disorganized bunch of pages to a cohesive first draft. She knew the ins and outs of my genre and was able to tell me exactly what I needed to do to meet the reader's expectations. The support was excellent and her feedback was honest, constructive, and easy to understand. I highly recommend working with her!"   

—Jane Parish

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This course removed the overwhelm of writing a book by giving me the exact steps I needed to take to finish my draft. By not having to worry about what to do next, I was finally able to concentrate on my story and make actual progress. Now, I'm proud to say that I have a finished draft, and I'm currently seeking representation for my book!

Josh T.

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"Savannah helped me finish a novel that I had been working on for five yearsI can’t believe it! I started writing this story multiple times but could never get past the first few chapters. I was constantly feeling overwhelmed, near tears, and frustrated with my lack of progress. With Savannah’s help, I was able to finish a draft and have fun with my writing again." 

—Melanie Walker

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