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Why book a call with me?

I've helped many other writers reach their goals.

My #1 priority is to help people write their stories and teach them to become better storytellers. Whether you’re looking for help with developing an idea into a full-length novel, structuring your first draft, crafting compelling characters, or turning a messy first draft into a story that works—I can help. I’ll meet you where ever you’re at and help you get to the finish line. Let’s make your writing dreams a reality together!

I'm a certified Story Grid editor and book coach.

I was personally trained by one of the best in the industry—Shawn Coyne, an editor with over 25 years’ experience in the NYC Big 5 publishing industry and the creator of the Story Grid. The Story Grid is a powerful editing method that examines the big picture of your novel to pinpoint what is, and is not, working in your story. It gives you specific and actionable advice so you can fix problem areas and write a book that your audience will love.

I'm a writer and a human being, just like you.

I understand what it feels like to want to write a book so badly. I know how scary it can be to share your work with someone for the purpose of having it critiqued. I also know how it feels to get vague feedback that you don’t know what to do with. I promise you that my suggestions and feedback will always come from a place of honesty, compassion, and a true desire to see you succeed. Your success is my success, friend!

"Savannah understands the craft of storytelling. She was able to show me a clear path to adding structure to my work, without hamstringing my free-writing style. The lessons I have learned in our collaboration are sure to save me hundreds of hours on future projects. Trust me, don’t waste time wallowing in uncertainty about what is wrong with your writing. Save yourself years of painful trial and error and get your novel the professional help it needs."

—Kent Shawn (Fantasy Writer)

"Knowing that I had a standing call with Savannah each week was the most helpful part of this whole process. Not only have I finished my first draft, but I also feel confident in revising my story because of Savannah’s next steps road map."

—Ken Travers (Science Fiction Writer)

"Savannah is extremely knowledgeable, and her coaching helped me tremendously, not only with my current novel but also writing in general. She is truly a master of her craft. Her counsel was well worth the money. "

—Jason Fielding (Fantasy Writer)

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